TikTok is the fastest-growing application and regularly comes with the latest updates. I mean, you never say that you know everything. Previously, you could make slow-motion videos using filters or effects, but now you can learn that how to slow down a TikTok video that’s not yours.

Why Does Anyone Want to Play a TikTok in Slow Motion?

When you watch a video of your favorite TikToker or a creative video you like the most, then you might want to see it a bit slow. Because a TikTok video ends in 10-15 seconds. You can also read how to edit videos on TikTok. Moreover, if you saw a food recipe on TikTok that was in high speed to meet the time duration. To understand the ingredients list and method properly, you have to watch the video repeatedly. In case you miss a single ingredient, it can ruin the whole recipe. Therefore, slowing down a TikTok video speed helps a lot to do everything correctly.

If you are interested in learning these strategies, read this article carefully and try the most suitable one to watch a video in slow motion.

Way to Play a TikTok Video in Slow Motion


Here I am sharing two methods that you can use to play a video at a slow speed.

In Gallery

To slow the video speed, follow these steps

  • Open the TikTok Application
  • Navigate to the video you want to play in slow motion, whether it is in linked videos or shows on screen
  • Download the video in your gallery. Also, download nay video playing application
  • Play the video in that application and find the playback option to adjust the video speed
  • From that option, you increase and decrease the speed of the video
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You don’t need to do this for all of your videos. Instead, you have to set it once, and the next video follows that change unless you put it again on regular.

How to Slow Down the TikTok Video on Snapchat


If you fail to change video speed on TikTok and have Snapchat, stay calm because you can do it on Snapchat. Follow these directions to slow down the video speed without any struggle.

  • Launch the TikTok application
  • Open the video you want to slow down and download it
  • Once the download is completed, it shows sharing options
  • From there, find the Snapchat option and tap on it
  • On Snapchat, the video starts playing automatically at an average speed
  • Swipe to the left to change filters.
  • Keep swiping mencicil you find out the snail option; with this filter, the video slows down
  • Click on the save option and watch the video from the gallery.

Both strategies work finely, but which one suits you the most depends on you. If you want to slow the video just to learn a process, then using the first option is perfect but if you are planning to share the slow video with others, use Snapchat to play TikTok in slow motion. These methods save you from replaying the video hundreds of times to understand the tutorial of anything. Moreover, try this to add more fun to TikTok videos.