Baca Webtoon Extraordinary You

Baca Webtoon Extraordinary You.

So, you’ve stumbled upon this article. Here, I’ll be telling you about the differences between the sandiwara bangsawan

Extraordinary You

and the webtoon it’s been adapted from (July Found by Chance), and then, I’ll be evaluating the sandiwara boneka and webtoon according to my opinions.

Evaluation Scheme [Totally based on my opinions]:

  1. [x]
    is the way to represent points for sandiwara tradisional while [x]is the way to represent points for the webtoon.
  2. The number of points given (x = 0, 1, 2 or more) depends on the number of advantages while there are no negative points for disadvantages.
  3. For both neutral facts and disadvantages there are 0 points awarded and are, therefore, not mentioned.
  4. The final evaluation is at the end of the article in the section titled “Who is the winner?” (for those who want to skip to it).

Major spoilers ahead!

“Worthless berpenyakitan and even more worthless you so what was even more worthless was our first love.” – She might think that way but it wasn’ufuk worthless to us, was it? So, let’s begin, shall we?


The first difference is the title itself,

July found by chance


Extraordinary You

And we can also see a huge difference in the posters. The poster of the famous webtoon is simple and uncomplicated while the posters of the drama are very imaginative, full of vivid colors, and very creative making them stand out. [1]

You can see for yourself and decide how much more gradient the sandiwara radio posters look to you.


By visuals, I mean the characters’ hairstyles, height proportions, etc. (I’ll bedak about dresses separately.)There will be no points for visuals as I find the visuals of both the webtoon and the ketoprak equally beautiful.

Eun Dan Oh (

Kim Hye Yoon


Let’s leave the eye size difference behind, you know why, right? Ever seen a webtoon character with small or medium-sized eyes? The main differences are her hair length and color and that’s all for Dan Oh’s visuals and the height is just perfect, as in the webtoon as well, the main characters have a huge height difference. There’s a difference in their personalities as well, which I’ll write about in another section of this article.

Ha Ru (

Rowoon as Ha Ru is totally the character even in terms of eye size. You can’t make out much difference in the face as well, can you? Of course, again the hair length and color are a bit different. Rowoon certainly has Ha Ru’s innocent look here as well.

Baek Kyung (
Lee Jae Wook

The hair color and hairstyle again. But look at his eyes, can you sense an air of superiority or maybe arrogance? It’s definitely in his look, just like in the webtoon character’s. Of course, it isn’t natural. You can’t see it at all in

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Yeo Ju Da (Lee Na Run)

Well, I would say Na Run did well as Ju Da. Her visuals seem to match as well. There’s the eye size difference as always but her hair color and length seem perfect, except for her hairstyle, which is a bun usually in the webtoon while rarely one in the sandiwara tradisional.

Oh Nam Ju (Kim Young Dae)

Young Dae’s eye size was accurate according to the webtoon’s character, his hair color and length are at odds with the webtoon character’s but overall, the sandiwara tradisional’s Oh Nam Ju looks just as mesmerizing as the webtoon’s Oh Nam Ju. It’s just that his eyes have a kind of warmness of kindness in them while the webtoon’s Oh Nam Ju has the besaran chaebol look in his eyes.

Lee Do Hwa (Jung Gun Joo)

I guess you must’ve spotted it here already. The hair seems fine here but again, eyes! Look at those eyes, Jung Gun Joo has got sweetness all over his eyes while the webtoon’s Lee Do Hwa has kind of seducing eyes. But didn’tepi langit most of us love him here? The “Why am I crying?” scenes seemed the best, right? Not sure about the webtoon but the drama’s Lee Do Hwa must’ve given second lead syndrome to at least half of us (including berpenyakitan).

Dried Squid Elf/ Fairy Jin Mi Chae (Lee Tae Ri)

The funniest name given to any character, right? Our Dried Squid Elf seems to have the original hair color like the webtoon’s but titinada the length. I have no idea why they decided to give him his original hair color. But other than the hair length, his appearance looks pretty much similar to the webtoon character’s, right? [Just wondering if anyone of you calls him One-Outfit Elf instead of Dried Squid Elf, like me?]


Here, we’ll see what the differences in the general outfits are.


Yes, there was a huge difference in the school uniform. You can see it for yourself, there isn’t much similarity.


[In the sandiwara, there are many scenes outside the school while in the webtoon there are just a few of them so I’m not including the outfits in the scenes that aren’t there in the webtoon.]


As you can see, Ha Ru’s camp outfits have some similarities while Dan Oh’s don’ufuk. Webtoon’s Dan Oh has a cute yet tomboyish style while the sandiwara radio’s Dan Oh has a feminine style.


In the webtoon, on the sports day, Dan Oh’s class (including Ha Ru) was wearing hot pink while the other two were wearing grey and white (Do Hwa’s class with the word “INVINCIBLE” on it) while in the drama Dan Oh’s class was wearing pink, Ha Ru was wearing his normal school clothes, Do Hwa’s class was wearing yellow while the third one was wearing white.

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Here, we’ll bedak about characters’ personalities, their names, their roles, and their relationships with other characters.

Eun Dan Oh



  1. Eun Dan Oh is a pretty, intelligent, smart, and cold girl who is used by her parents for the sake of their business.
  2. She’s very funny with those whom she knows really well like Ha Ru and Do Hwa. [1]
  3. She’s 17 years old.
  4. She doesn’t make a big fuss out of the fact that others can’t remember the shadow.
  5. She doesn’cakrawala care much about how Ju Da and Do Hwa end up.
  6. She’s not much of an extra here as she doesn’lengkung langit have many roles between Ju Da and Nam Ju.
  7. She died in “Secrets”.
  8. She was made when the creator started “Secrets” and had been assigned the role of the main protagonist for the next comic book of the creator, “MISSING”.
  9. She wasn’falak there in the creator’s last work as she was made later on.
  1. Eun Dan Oh is a pretty, intelligent, sharp, naughty, and jolly girl whose mother died when she was young and is loved by her father.
  2. She is the same with everyone around her as long as they don’falak piss her off.
  3. She’s 18 years old.
  4. She says whatever she wants and feels like in the shadows because others can’lengkung langit remember it.
  5. She tries her best to have Ju Da end up with Do Hwa.
  6. She’s more like a side character here as the whole story between Ju Da and Nam Ju is shown.
  7. She stays alive in “Secrets”.
  8. She was made a nameless extra in her next comic where the teacher calls her “Student” and it’s a college romance comic while “MISSING” is a time-travel romance.
  9. She was the main character in the creator’s last work.

Ha Ru



  1. He is more like a nameless extra here as he doesn’ufuk appear in any stages, except for the stages with crowds and he does not become Kyung’s love rival in “Secrets”.
  2. His age isn’t specified.
  3. He is more of the reserved type, not caring about anything else and not throwing a cegak on Kyung because of what he said on the stage.
  4. He isn’kaki langit the secretive type watching Dan Oh from behind her back, drawing her portraits, remembering things from their past comic and things like that. In fact, nothing like the past comic existed with Dan Oh and Ha Ru.
  5. He was made into the main protagonist of the creator’s next comic “MISSING” where Dan Oh time-travelled from modern times to the ancient ones and fell in love with Ha Ru. [1]
  1. He is not at all like a nameless extra, he eventually becomes an extra with a name, and then, he becomes Kyung’s love dagi appearing in many stages at the same time.
  2. He’s 18 (shown when he turned into an extra).
  3. He is more of the protective and cute type who throws a fit when anybody does or says anything bad to Dan Oh no matter where that is.
  4. He has all sorts of secrets from their past lives as comic characters (he starts remembering it all and knows why he has a scar on his palm) to drawing portraits of Dan Oh. In fact, he loved Dan Oh back then as well.
  5. He meets Dan Oh again in the college romance comic but his character role is not specified.

Baek Kyung



  1. Kyung here isn’t much of the domineering type, pushing and pulling Dan Oh all the time in the shadow. He’s a bit more intellectual and grasps the comic concept by himself without making a fuss.
  2. He actually respects Dan Oh’s decision at the end and supports Ha Ru and Dan Oh with both of them knowing his intention.
  3. He has tenggat many stepmothers but during all the events in “Secrets”, he doesn’t have a stepmother or a half-brother.
  1. Here, he tries to make Dan Oh behave the way he wants even in the shadows, he fights with Ha Ru several times for Dan Oh as well and makes a fuss about “Secrets” and the past comic book with Dried Squid Elf and all.
  2. He also supports Dan Oh’s decision in the end and helps the couple but he keeps on hiding his intentions and feelings.
  3. He has a stepmother and a half-brother. His half-brother is self-aware and knows about their past comic.

Yeo Ju Da



  1. Yeo Ju Da is childhood friends with Do Hwa and sempadan known Nam Ju briefly during her childhood.
  2. She is more of the understanding, helpful and sensitive type.
  3. Her grandmother died shortly after the beginning of “Secrets”.
  4. She doesn’ufuk become self-aware at all and so, the creator gets things his way.
  5. She isn’t tormented by Nam Ju’s mother and is instead helping Nam Ju with his illness.
  6. She had been traumatized in her childhood after having been mistaken for Do Hwa and kidnapped and tortured for 10 days and so, is afraid of loud noises.
  1. She meets Do Hwa and Nam Ju for the first time in high school after she transfers.
  2. She’s cute and nice in “Secrets” but is quite bold when she’s self-aware.
  3. Her grandmother had a successful surgery by the end of “Secrets” and doesn’t die.
  4. She becomes self-aware and still chooses Nam Ju.
  5. Nam Ju’s mother tries, again and again, to have Ju Da break up with her son.
  6. She had never been kidnapped or traumatized.

Oh Nam Ju


Sandiwara radio

  1. He has a stepmother and is the legitimate son of Mr. Oh.
  2. Nothing about him being the son of the owner of the school is mentioned.
  3.  He has dyslexia and Ju Da perenggan been helping him recover secretly, involved in a contract.
  4. He isn’ufuk oper-protective and aggressive instead, he sometimes breaks down because of his dyslexia.
  5. He confessed his feeling to Ju Da in the starting part of “Secrets” and they had been dating unofficially.
  6. He isn’t mentioned in the creator’s next work.
  1. He’s not related to his mother and is an illegitimate son.
  2. He’s the son of the owner of the school and has a say in the school’s decisions.
  3. Nothing such as dyslexia had been mentioned and they didn’t get involved in a contract.
  4. He is very haughty, over-protective, and gets into fights over Ju Da with Do Hwa. He basically is the typical chaebol with no problems except for love.
  5. He confessed his feelings in the end part of “Secrets” and they started dating at that time officially.
  6. He is mentioned in the creator’s next work.
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Lee Do Hwa



  1.  He has a complicated history with Ju Da and when he finds out that he’s the reason why Ju Da suffered all that she did, he gives up on her.
  2. He is kind of sensitive, understanding but isn’t cute or funny.
  3. He doesn’t bedak much with Ha Ru and in fact, he has never hung out with Dan Oh and Ha Ru.
  4. He rarely has any scenes with Ju Da in “Secrets” alone.
  1. He loves Ju Da till the end but the “Secrets” creator ends up winning as Ju Da herself decides to choose Nam Ju.
  2. He has more of a cute and funny personality with a hint of possessiveness.
  3. He usually hangs out with Dan Oh and Ha Ru in school.
  4. He has some scenes with Ju Da in “Secrets” with only the two of them.

Dried Squid Elf



  1. He’s titinada that secretive and actually tells his story readily to Dan Oh and also helps Dan Oh and Ha Ru almost every time. [1]
  2. Everything related to his life in the past work of the creator is shown.
  3. His lover was killed by him mistakenly when she dressed as a bandit and attacked him.
  4. He never gets to reunite with his lover as she doesn’cakrawala get self-aware.
  1. He’s very secretive and protective and tries to keep everything related to the creator’s comics away from the others who are self-aware.
  2. Only some parts (which relate to Dan Oh and Ha Ru) of the creator’s last work are shown.
  3. His lover died by mistake while they were escaping.
  4. He gets to reunite with his lover on the graduation day of the students in “Secrets”. [1]


I wanted to write it all but, it turned out to be too long so I’ve just included the main part, just so that you people know, most of the scenes in the drama were changed as the webtoon was too short to be converted into a dagelan, that’s why there are lots and lots of differences.

  • The piggy keychain which starts the romance between Nam Ju and Ju Da isn’horizon mentioned at all in the webtoon.
  • Eun Dan Oh never helped Ju Da when she mistakenly kissed Nam Ju and Ju Da did titinada mistakenly kiss Nam Ju at all in the webtoon.
  • In the webtoon, Dan Oh was never able to visit her doctor regarding her memory in the webtoon before she started seeing the future.
  • The A3 are all chaebols and very influential but they don’t have a special room in the school for themselves.
  • Even though Dan Oh saw the curry spilling future part earlier, she saved herself from it in the webtoon, unlike the drama where she tries to save Ju Da and so, in the webtoon, the reality changes.
  • It’s Nam Ju who helps Ju Da up after the curry incident in the ketoprak while it’s Lee Do Hwa in the webtoon.
  • Nam Ju was sitting with Ju Da during lunch before the curry incident which is why it happened in the webtoon while in the ketoprak, Nam Ju appears directly after the curry incident.
  • In the drama, a portal appears again and again and Dan Oh initiates the conversation about being able to see things with Dried Squid Elf after she figures out that he can see it as well whereas in the drama, no ki appeared and it was Dried Squid Elf who approached Dan Oh.
  • Dried Squid Elf draws a star on Dan Oh’s face instead of letting her phone fall in kiriman to make her believe him. He even says that he might try making the rabbit fall off in the webtoon.
  • Dan Oh decides to change her fate in the sandiwara while she decides to truly fall in love in the webtoon.
  • Dan Oh’s misconception of being the main lead gets cleared very fast in the webtoon.
  • Dan Oh doesn’t fall off the stairs because of Shin Sae Mi in the webtoon.
  • Dan Oh wasn’t hurt at all when she fell off, she didn’t even have the premonition of it and wasn’cakrawala present during Ju Da and Nam Ju’s infirmary scene in the webtoon.
  • Webtoon’s Dan Oh thinks of Ha Ru as her first love from the starting while dagelan’s Dan Oh thinks of him as her savior and somebody who can change her destiny.
  • Webtoon’s Dan Oh is actually taller than Ju Da in the webtoon and tries to help her in taking out a paper plane from a tree.
  • Dan Oh doesn’t figure out the “He’ll appear if I’m about to get hurt” thing in the webtoon and she meets Ha Ru in the umbrella scene but it’s Ha Ru who opens the umbrella in the webtoon.
  • In the webtoon, Dan Oh doesn’horizon fall off the stool (doesn’t even stand on one) in the infirmary.
  • Ju Da gets into trouble and her clothes get lost in the webtoon, Dan Oh helps her there.
  • In the webtoon, Dan Oh’s piece of the fate rock is larger while it’s the opposite in the drama.
  • Nothing such as drowning while trying to find the piece of rock happens to Dan Oh in the webtoon.

And, the fate rock has another legend. When you build a Tower of Wishes at sunset, the sunset will fill the hearts of the two people doing it together and they’ll fall in love.
– Webtoon

  • Nothing such as the couple game at the night happened in the webtoon.
  • In the webtoon, Dan Oh starts the three-legged race with Ha Ru but ends up fainting when Kyung picks her up and takes her to the infirmary.
  • It rained at the sports event in the webtoon.
  • There wasn’lengkung langit any birthday party for Nam Ju.
  • In the webtoon, Dan Oh named Ha Ru in their school library.
  • The webtoon’s Dan Oh sees the storyboard but tries to change it sometimes (only when it’s related to her or Ha Ru) while the drama’s Dan Oh tries to change whatever the storyboard is.

A toy soldier, one-legged due to shortage of materials falls in love with a ballerina who is one-legged just like him. However, before he could deliver his heart to the ballerina, he falls out of the window and survives his hardships by thinking about her. As if by fate, he returns home. And the soldier meets his ballerina again but the child whom these toys belong to suddenly bursts into the room and throws him in the raging fireplace. The ballerina also falls in by a sudden wind. After they burn away, a heart shape kaleng piece is left behind.
– Webtoon (Ha Ru’s favorite story)

  • In the webtoon, Dan Oh sees the storyboard about Nam Ju’s accident where Ha Ru gets caught up but nothing like this happens in the drama.
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Part 2 of the webtoon is very different from the drama, Kyung and Dan Oh talk about volumes, their future which isn’t decided yet, which isn’t at all included in the drama. From this point on, the dagelan is actually kind of independent from the webtoon.

  • Kyung actually knows that Dan Oh’s going to die way before it’s time for her to die as he has seen the next tagihan and she doesn’tepi langit exist there, in the webtoon.
  • In the webtoon, Dan Oh’s and Kyung’s friends decide to play cupid and take them to see the sea. Dan Oh senggat actually seen this storyboard earlier but it was a mountain there, she had no idea how it had changed at that time but later she found out that she had seen another storyboard while in the drama, there wasn’t any trip except for one.
  • In the webtoon, the reason behind Kyung bringing flowers for Dan Oh is different.
  • In the webtoon, Ha Ru tries to save Dan Oh from getting hurt from a cliff incident and succeeds but ends up dying in the shadow.
  • In the webtoon, Dried Squid Elf tells Dan Oh what actually happens after a comic book you’re a character of finishes. What happens is that you’re free, free in the darkness, suffocating and lonely, unable to see anything, waiting for yourself to be chosen for another role.
  • Do Hwa actually sempadan been trying to find out secrets behind Ju Da’s disappearance, her mother’s death, etc. during the ending of the comic book they live in, “Secrets” and so he had no scenes with Nam Ju and Ju Da.




The webtoon ends with Dan Oh and Ha Ru being the main characters of the creator’s next comic “MISSING” and falling in love. Missing is a time-travel romance comic where Dan Oh is a high-school girl who time travels into the past and falls in love with Ha Ru (position – unknown) whereas in “Secrets” it’s Ha Ru who is left behind after Dan Oh dies in Kyung’s arms (the creator’s setting) while talking to Ha Ru.

The sandiwara tradisional ends with Dan Oh and Ha Ru fulfilling their promise to meet under the old tree in their school in “Secrets”. Dan Oh finds out about Ha Ru after looking at a drawing of his. The name of this new work of the creator is not known. Dan Oh is an extra in this work as well whereas in “Secrets” it’s Dan Oh who was left behind after Ha Ru disappeared when the creator was erasing things.

Who’s the winner?

Sandiwara tradisional:24 points

Webtoon:16 points

So, for me, the winner is the Sandiwara radio! Though I liked the ending of the webtoon more, overall, the sandiwara tradisional was much better for me. Don’cakrawala forget to comment and tell everybody your opinion about it.

Here’s a little bit of sweetness before you go.

So, I’ll soon be back with
Webtoon vs Sandiwara boneka – Part 2: Sweet Home
(as decided on this



If there’s any other sandiwara radio for which you want me to write Webtoon vs Drama, do tell berpenyakitan in the comment section.


Xie Lalisa

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extraordinary you
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Baca Webtoon Extraordinary You


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